we're all adorkable! (announcing my 500th post giveaway winners!)

The response to last week’s 500th post giveaway was awesome. I had 75 entries! And people definitely took advantage of those bonus entries.

I want to thank everyone who entered–especially those who gave me high fives! Those make my day every day. I’ve been blogging for 3 years now and it’s been a pretty great experience over all. I’ve made a lot of really great friends and met some super amazing and super inspiring people. Not to mention, it’s a nice little bonus getting stuff from the internet. Hence why I was really excited to do a giveaway for my 500th post.

And now, on my 507th post, I get to announce all the winners from the giveaway!

Starting off with the bloggers who will be receiving letters from me… These folk will get a letter from me, and well, maybe the cats, as well as some letterpress prints done by myself or one of my good friends. And I’m going to see exactly what all I can shove into an envelope and the USPS still accept and deliver it. These bloggers are: Jenn B., Miss Delish, Natasha, Abby N., and Tank Boy. I’m also going to make sure that they all receive one of my special, pre-launch holiday cards from Season’s Geekings.

I had a nice surprise last week too. I got an email from Modify Watches, and as a thanks from them for being an early fan and supporter, I was given a gift certificate for one of their classic watch sets. I debated keeping it, or gifting it to someone I know loves chunky watches… But I decided to throw it in as a special extra 4th prize! All of these folks get their prize, and they might find some other small stuff that I can fit in their packages/envelopes.

The winner of the Classic Modify Watch set is: Will S.!

Winner of the Mucca Pazza tshirt: Renee!

Winner of the Gap jeans gift certificate: Kristen B.!

… And the big winner, who gets basically a whole outfit (minus shoes and understuffs, of course). Winner of the Gap jeans gift certificate, Modify Watches 2.0 set, and Mucca Pazza shirt: Courtney!

Now, I absolutely cannot forget my special offer for the locals. Winner of the cupcake date with me: Maggie!

Congrats to everyone! I’ll be mailing everything out this week. And thanks again to everyone who entered, everyone who’s been with me the past 3 years/500-whatever posts, and of course thanks to A-Squared Group and Modify Watches. (And to Mucca Pazza who didn’t know they were participating in this giveaway, but are just generally awesome and people I love.)