All of these things happened. (or are happening.)

I have a headache. This is not something that happens often, so thus… DYING.

BUT. Things. Yes.

Last night I got to spend some time with a ladyfriend I haven’t gotten to spend one-on-one time with in a while. It was definitely nice to get to hang out and chat. And we agreed on more friend-dates for the future.

I’ve determined that the stores of Chicago are plotting against my quest to get a new coat. I’d find something awesome online that fits my criteria (warm, past my waist, and has a hood. preferably no toggles)… but I’d go to a store, nope. Not in stock. Anywhere in Chicago. And no clue if or when it will be in stock. It’s a conspiracy. (So I buckled and ordered online.)

I put the above story on facebook, and this happened:

I’m hoping my taco cravings are done with for the time being. Tacos two days in a row. I am weak.

I figured out my dad’s Christmas gift for this year. Breaking out of my Star Wars tradition. One gift figured out. WAY TOO MANY OTHERS still to think about. I love my family, but there are just so many of them.

NaWriFuMo has been slow going, but mainly due to Nintendo, like I wrote about yesterday.

I might ask a dude out for drinks. Not because I want to date him, but because I haven’t been on a date-like-thing in a long-ass time. So I’m just going to pick someone who I think I can enjoy the company of for a few hours, but well, who’s also someone I can enjoy looking at for a few hours too. (Dating stuff and feelings and all that aren’t really things I’m up for talking about in length at this point.*)

I have a the Coast Guard coming to visit me sometime next week. Haven’t seen him in about a year. (And, well, actually haven’t talked to him much in many many months…)

This weekend is awesome, but oh so full. Tomorrow is an amazing concert at Empty Bottle: Detholz! (Last Chicago show for a long while), Ami Saraiya, and Lord of the Yum Yum. Friday is the pre-Thanksgiving potluck with my (former) CPS classmates. Then Saturday I’ve double booked myself. My friend Jacob has a concert… but there’s also the Matt/Back to the Future party… where I was planning on going as Michael J Fox ala Teen Wolf. (Yay Tanooki hood to the rescue/my new permanent costume.)

…okay… I want to crawl underneath all the covers and hide for a month. Stupid headache.

*.. and, well, to be honest… I’ve been so freaking open in the past, I think I’m ready for some romantic-life internet quiet time. aka, I think I’m going to keep most of it to myself this time around. whenever the hell that happens.