The good, the bad, and the dizzy.

Welp. I messed up. Missed my first NaBloPoMo (or, well, BloMo) post yesterday. But with good reason.

Last night I went out to see a really fun concert. Lord of the Yum Yum, Ami Saraiya, and Detholz! at the Empty Bottle. Thanks to mistimed transit in the form of waiting for a bus for about 20 minutes.. outside in the freezing cold… I missed all but the last two songs of Lord of the Yum Yum. Hadn’t seen him before and I’m definitely kicking myself a little bit for not getting there earlier. But Ami Saraiya and her band rocked, as did Detholz!

The night was sort of made by the company. Every time I’d turn around there was someone else I knew. A good handful of Muccas came out–there’s a Mucca each in Ami’s band and in Detholz! Plus there was a nice turn out from my own band. Got to see three bandmates I haven’t seen for a very long time. It was a great night. Lots of dancing. … just not by me.

Back in high school I was diagnosed with Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo*. It’s an inner ear disease that basically means I get dizzy. It can be triggered by simple things like the position of my head, or atmospheric pressure changes (like before it rains or snows). So seasonal changes? I tend to experience some mild dizziness. It’s not terrible, or at least it hasn’t been. But it’s hard to focus–my head feels full and foggy… and it feels like I’m on a boat, which means yeah, just a tiny bit nauseous. But it’s generally manageable.

So apparently the headache of doom was just a nice little warning to “Oh hey, non-drunk spinning time.” Normally I don’t experience vertigo to this annoyance until the change from winter to spring. So fun times for me. I’m just trying to be careful because the past day or so on the bus I’ve noticed feeling dizzy–which is strange because I don’t get motion sickness. And trying to dance last night? Well, my body told me it was a bad idea.

This morning the dizziness didn’t go away. So I’m at home. In the security of my bed, which means if I need to fall over, I have a nice memory foam mattress pad and goose down pillows to collapse into. I’ll be missing the Pre-Thanksgiving potluck tonight, but hopefully I won’t miss the party tomorrow. At least I have my brand new coat (which arrived earlier than estimated), scarf, and uber warm and furry hat to keep me warm on my way there (and the rest of winter).

*Yeah, I know. I’m a bucket full of fun medical things. Endo, BPPV, paresthesia and that whole weird acute paralysis that comes and goes… But I’ve managed with it. Can’t let those things keep me from having a full and happy life–just make the minor adjustments that are needed and go on. I just hope the BPPV is just that and not Ménière’s disease like what my IsoIsa has. No interest in gradually going deaf.