a nice unexpected surprise for my Sunday

Ask me yesterday how I’d be spending my Sunday… and I would have said a little cleaning, a lot of resting, and probably some Deadliest Catch with the kitties. Who knows, maybe I’d get a little adventurous and go get groceries or maybe finally get my hair cut.

Well, I woke up to the kitties going full speed with their morning parkour. Someone needs to tell them that parkour is rarely cool. Especially not when done at dawn… even less so when I get home after 3am.

Even though it’s still pre-Thanksgiving, I decided to cruise craigslist for Christmas trees. At this point in time, I’m not interested in green trees. I have a 3-foot pink tree… but I’d like something a bit taller. Struck out on the trees, and ended up in a familiar search: couches. Well, one couch in particular. The ikea klippan loveseat. It’s $249 in store, and that’s just the basic model. Of course I want the one with the yellow slipcover… so that’s more like $319.

Randomly stumbled into this listing that didn’t mention anything about sofas or loveseats or couches or even ikea in the title. And low and behold, there was the exact couch I was looking for. And for a mere $85. And it was in the city of Chicago, not a suburb! With one email, I found out it was still available. So thus the scramble to find a truck started.

I pretty much knew from the get-go that it would be highly unlikely any of my local friends would be able to help me out… so, that left the internet and strangers. Tried Zaarly. Someone wanted double what I was offering. So it turned into a game of phone tag with some moving services. I really didn’t want to pay the same amount or more than the couch just to get it home.

Long story short, ended up finding a company who said they’d be at the owner’s place in 45 minutes. So I run there quickly, pay, then return home immediately to try to get the living room somewhat ready for the couch.

This was really happening.

Before I knew it, my couch was in my home…

And it came with throw pillows! So for $160, I now have a new (to me) couch. Only a year old, and in pretty good condition. Granted, with having one black cat, a white couch wasn’t going to work. So a trip to Target was in store…

Some fabreeze and a full fitted sheet later…

Okay. So it doesn’t fit perfectly, but it’s a nice, cheap, fix for trying to minimize the cat hair’s noticeability. I still want to get a nice bold yellow/golden rod slipcover some day. But this sheet set was $25… and it’ll fit on my bed when it gets retired from the couch. Plus, it came with pillow cases that I’m going to modify to fit the throw pillows a bit better.

All of that happened before 1pm. Well, not the Target run. I did that after testing out the couch with an inaugural nap. I can say, Tuija is in love with this couch. It’s got a nice wide back, so it’s a perfect cat bed/ledge. Total of $185 when all was said and done. Still cheaper than buying from ikea, and well, I’d still have to figure out how to get it home.

Definitely wasn’t planning on this. I’d been hoping to get a couch eventually, but my apartment completely wasn’t ready yet. And that was a nice chunk of money to see disappear… But… YAY COUCH! (Which means I can stop treating my bedroom like a living room!)