no bullshit. just happiness.

“Things get bad for all of us, almost continually, and what we do under the constant stress reveals who/what we are.”
― Charles BukowskiWhat Matters Most is How Well You Walk Through the Fire

That sentiment has been pointed out to me, most often unintentionally and indirectly, quite a bit as of late. All those “life is what you make of it” and “focus on the positive” lines, well, there’s some truth there. You focus on the bad parts, you focus on all the negative… and it’s just a downward cycle. When you’re surrounded by a lot of negative influence, it can be hard to stay a float. But it’s not impossible.

However, I’m not here to give some sort of inspirational, “get your life together” message. Sometimes, what you do under constant stress reveals more humanity than not. Humanity is not a weakness. Showing that you’re troubled by something, that you can be be broken… there’s something important in that. But as is the point I feel Bukowski is getting at, we still must overcome and continue on with our lives. I can’t quite picture, at all, Bukowski rambling on about finding happiness, but maybe that there is some happiness to be found in just not letting your stresses win you over.

Of course, Bukowski also saw a solution in drinking a lot (and having a lot of sex too). Who knows, maybe he was on to something.

All I can say is, my life isn’t perfect. But I’m pretty happy right now. My endo and vertigo tried to knock me on my ass, work isn’t perfect, and I’ve still got financial stuff to get through… but I’ve got some kick-ass friends, my work hours are pretty great, and I’ve had some fun at concerts and parties recently with said kick-ass friends.