a family that games together…

Growing up, the only time I could really get a chance at our gaming systems was when my brother was off running through the neighborhood. Luckily he was a really active kid.

In case you were curious, I played a lot of Super Mario World, F-Zero, and ChessMaster on our SNES. (The Playstation was basically only Tim’s, but I was still allowed to play my Spyro games every so often. Okay, my brother wasn’t that stingy, he just played a lot.)

The gaming gene didn’t stop with just my brother and I. It seems my younger sisters have it too (even though the 16 year old might deny it). My little cousin? Mario Kart addict–he’s 7. And my beautiful niece? Yep. She’s definitely my brother’s girl. She has a DS lite now, and rumor has it she’s might be getting a 3DS as well as her own games for daddy’s xbox.

But what’s really awesome is that a year or so ago, I brought my Wii home for the holidays, and was pretty surprised with the outcome! For one, that year I found out I could beat my brother at one game at least–Wii Bowling. Also, we found out that my grandmother was more skilled than any of us knew. She took home the Wii Bowling championship on dad’s side. Even with all the cousins in, no one could be grandma. That wasn’t the last time we had a Wii Bowling tournament. While I was living with my dad, we had one as part of our family game night. I got creamed.

This year I’m looking forward to more holiday gaming memories. Dance parties with my niece (and hopefully my mom too!) on the kinect. Inevitably getting beat in Mario Kart by a 7 year old. And our own family Wii Olympics with Mario & Sonic. I still expect that our family will continue to play our traditional games: phase 10 and skip-bo (where Grandpa and I were the unbeatable team for years and years)… and now Apples to Apples and Rummikube (and hopefully one day Settlers of Catan, because that will always be one of my favorite board games). But I’m glad to see what was just something Timmy and I did, is now also a family favorite. … Now if only I could succeed at getting my mom to play Beatles Rockband with me…

Does your family have any traditional games? Any new ones you’d like to see added? I want to hear fun family game stories!

My sisters only get 30 minutes to either play Wii or be online each day (as long as their school work is done), and so each takes their 30 minutes and they don’t play together. (Because this means they can sit and watch their sisters play.) But during the holiday time we can actually get them into cooperative play–which to me is important. And setting up various family tournaments is even better. Though I generally find most of my dad’s rules a bit too limiting, I do agree with their limitations on using the TV/playing the Wii. I love the Wii, but I think it should be a reward not a right. I love that my sisters read a lot, or spend a lot of time with imaginative play inside and out. (On the reverse side, by brother and I had free range to do what we wanted, and I think we turned out pretty well.)