It’s beginning to look a lot like… home.

I don’t know if it’s because of the holidays, or the change from student to employee, or maybe partially because of the new couch… But finally, after living in this apartment for over 8 months, it’s starting to feel like home.

I started classes before I even got a chance to move in, and well, if you remember, classes were intense. And they only got more-so. By the time the second quarter came around, there was no question that I was spending more time there than at home. (It also explained why on weekends I just crashed.) But that meant for the most part, my apartment was little more than a storage unit with a bed. A place to store and sleep.

I still technically haven’t finished unpacking, but at least I’ve taken the boxes out of the living room. So now I have a living room, and a bedroom/storage space. So, yeah, still work to be done, but I’m not as concerned with the bedroom since, well, it’s not like I’ve got anyone other than myself who’ll be spending time there.

Okay, so Kaija may beg to differ on that point… (She did not move from that spot from the time I made my bed until, like, 9pm. Seriously.)

I know I only have just over 3 months left in my lease, but I’m glad I finally put in some effort into my place. It’s now feeling like a home. Which, yeah, having a couch and using my living room like a living room rather than spending all my time in my bed… totally helps. If I do decide to move when my lease is up, hopefully I won’t take this long to settle in to my new place.

And well, because it’s the holiday season, figured I should share my Christmas decorations–which I’ve got to say, having a larger place all to myself, means I keep feeling I need more decorations! So hopefully I’ll post the updates as I continue to decorate my place.

My tree. I’ve had this for 3 years now, still love it. I looks nice right next to my tv…

The cats’ tree.. it’s fiberoptic! And yeah, they do try to eat it. Hence why it has a body guard. (Also, any one else notice I seem to store/stash my Nintendo stuff near my trees?)

*If I do decided to renew my lease, I’ll continue to make the place more homey, and I’ll get some photos up of that once it’s done.