hacked no more. (or: how I learned to stop worrying and delete my blog.)

I got hacked.

I don’t know exactly when, but this weekend my site went down. Everything looked fine, but there was Malware hiding in various nooks and crannies. And I couldn’t find it. To make matters worse, I found not-so-good code on one of my other sites–one that doesn’t have WordPress installed on it.

As far as I know, all of my sites have been be compromised.

So I did what no blogger ever really wants to do: I deleted my blog.

Everything wiped clean. Gone. Well, everything but that really nice backup I did of all my posts. Reaching 500 posts was awesome. Realizing I might loose those 500+ posts, yeah, I was less than okay. So after deleting everything, reinstalling WordPress, I was happy to see my 500+ posts come back. Even if they’re missing every image that had once been on there. Small sacrifice, I guess.

I’m still working on getting everything back to “normal”, but I’m taking this time to sort of clean things up. The sidebar will continue to change a bit. I’ve already added a little bit of new things on there… However, one thing that will never change: the pink dino will be here with me until the end.

But yes. This site is clean and safe to visit again. Now to fix my other sites… this is going to be a fun week. (Well, in terms of this site, it will be! I’ve got a video game review coming thanks to UbiSoft & CleverGirls, soon another giveaway, and just other fun and awesome posts.)