there are no dance emergencies. (#UbiChamp Just Dance 3 review)

So… a little known fact about me is that I have this secret ambition to be a dancer. It’s sort of a part of my not-so-secret ambition of being a rock star. (You know, more of a rock star than I already am.) But well, I’m actually a little awkwardly shy about dancing.*

Okay, I’m not really shy about dancing at Mucca shows. Mostly because I’ve known them for almost 4 years now… But also because I’m not really dancing as much as bouncing/bopping up and down. And half the time I’m too distracted to really dance about because, hey, it’s Mucca Pazza and they are crazy awesome (heavy on both the crazy and the awesome).

(photo by CB Lindsey)

Anyway. When it comes to me dancing…. DANCE EMERGENCY!**

So when CGC sent me a free copy of Just Dance 3 to review… I was excited. And nervous. But luckily I knew the only people I’d have to subject to my awkward dancing would be my cats, and their silent judgments don’t bother me. (And all I have to do is throw a mousy toy across the room and they’ll be distracted for.. well, a minute. They are cats after all.)

I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I WAS THINKING saying yes to this game. Don’t get me wrong. It’s fun. Really fun. But OHEMGEE did that game have me sweating and gyrating and flailing like a crazy lady. Seriously, check out the trailer:

There’s no warm up, you’re just thrown in. So it took me a little bit to get used to it. First thing I learned, wearing fleece pants, fuzzy sock-slippers, and a hoodie… not the smartest move unless you’re seriously looking to sweat off some pounds. Also those fuzzy sock-slippers + wood floors, not a good combination either. Since the Wii really only judges you based on where the Wiimote is, aka, it only cares where one hand is, I slowly only focused on the arm movements and didn’t really bother getting my legs into it much. (Which, if you’ve seen me dance anywhere, I’m one of those “feet planted in the ground for dear life” dancers anyway.)

After about 2 songs I quickly realized why people incorporate this game into their workout routines. It’s something I’m actually considering myself. A nice little workout and hey, maybe I’ll pick up some new moves too.

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*Unless you add in some liquid encouragement. Drunk girl can dance.
**If you’ve been to a Mucca show, you get this.
***Also, the entire time I played this game I was imagine myself/picturing Jessica (the middle cheerleader in the picture).
****Those two little Asian babies totally dance better than me.
*****Yes, that is an affiliates link for the game.

I just saw this video, and you know for a fact I’ll be downloading this tonight!