Getting ready for 2012: 12 months, 12 changes.

Last year I wrote some really vague statements about what I hoped for in 2011. Well, with such whatever statements, I basically had no real goals for the year–other than move back to Chicago*. 10 months into the year I decided I needed some actual goals and to start committing to me. I did well with some, okay with others, and just didn’t get anywhere with a few.

But, as we’re getting ready to start a new year, it’s time to think of goals and resolutions and all that stuff. I’ve never really been big on the idea of resolutions, which is strange because I’m really fond of the idea of committing to myself. Maybe it’s because there’s too much bad baggage with resolutions and failing them. But regardless, I like to progress and evolve as a person, so I’m continuing my commitment.

One large part is my participating in 12 Months 12 Changes**. Katherine gives a pretty good explanation of it on her blog, but basically each month you make one small change. By the end of the year, those changes become habit and before you know it you’ve got a whole new way of doing things and just almost a new life right in front of you. My changes include better eating/grocery shopping habits, being more physically active, being stricter about cleaning habits, reading more, drinking more water, and taking control of my finances. I’ve started dividing them into their months, but I want to give myself some freedom in it. I don’t want to overwhelm myself by tackling too many changes at once, but maybe I don’t want to wait 4 months before I start on XYZ. Each month I will commit to at least one change, but there’ll be flexibility.

I want the next year to be about purpose and investment. I don’t want to just waft through this next year. Having fun and enjoying life doesn’t mean being lackadaisical. I’m excited about this next year, and hoping it brings some truly exciting things.

*The company that just hired me folded, so I lost my job and ended up moving back to Indiana temporarily.
**12 Changes won’t be the only goal-oriented thing I’m doing next year, but it’s the only “programmed”/community-based one as of yet.