12changes: drink more water.

So. It may only be day 2 of the new year, but I learned some good lessons on NYE… Mainly, 4 bottles of champagne is a lot to drink–even if you are sharing them with an entire funk band. (Still not sure how I managed to get away without a hangover.)

Anyway. With it being 2012 it’s time to start of my 12 Months 12 Changes challenge. (Which, if you missed last time, each month we’re making a not so dramatic change, which by the end of the year will result in a dramatically different life.)

My January 2012: Drink More Water. (This is where I picture my friend Jacob applauding me and saying FINALLY.)

I like water, but well, I don’t really like drinking just plain water. People say it does have a taste, but you go out and grab a bottle of Deja Blue and compair it to Dasani. (Result: why do people drink Dasani?!) In the summer, yeah, I love really really really cold water, but I’ve been told that’s not good for you–or maybe it’s just not good for singers. I have no clue. Anyway. I don’t like water. It can taste funny and it just makes my stomach feel extremely heavy.

However, I realize regardless of that, I need to drink more. I drink a fair bit of teas and juices–and yes, at home I love me some Tang… but I don’t just drink water. The reason why I’m kicking off the year with this one? Because I want one full year of turning this into a habit. What’s the point of becoming more active or joining a sport if I don’t have a solid base of OMG NOT DEHYDRATING all the time? I sometimes joke that I’m in a constant state of mild dehydration, and I’ve done nothing about it. It seems like something small, but it’s time to make sure I don’t do some serious damage to my body by putting it at risk.

How am I going to make this happen? Besides the obvious of just DRINK MORE WATER, I want to make sure I get no less than 20-ounces. I realize that’s still less than I should be drinking, but I know if I set it to 32 right at the get go, I might just up and quit again. Plus, 32-ounces of water weighs a lot and that’s a pretty big water bottle to carry around. So I’m going to put my target gift card to good use and get a new bottle. (I’ll probably still use my vapur bottle, but sometimes that bag is hard to hold onto.) I figure a pretty new bottle that I’m excited about will make me want to use it more. We’ll see how that goes.

So, cheers to the new year! Are you participating in 12 Changes? Any goals or resolutions for the new year?