hijacking my february. (or: oh hi, major deadline fast approaching.)

So my decision to apply to a writing program, whose application is due at the end of the month, means redirecting my focus this month. Actually it means writing a f*ckton this month. I don’t have much in the way of completed works that is, you know, relavent or recent… So. Before March 1, I need to write roughly 500 words for a personal statement, completely the application, and then come up with 10-20 pages of strong work* in my chosen genre (short story). Yeah, no biggie, right?

So that means I may or may not participate in Reading Band this month. I’m going to spend my lunch times doing more writing than reading. And I’m going to have to pick some sort of change for this month’s 12 Changes that fits in with this goal/deadline. Luckily this doesn’t seem to be too big a month socially… (I mean, Super Bowl, the Make Out Party, and one Mucca show… but I think that’s it.)

It also mean with so much focus on this other areas are going to (s)lack. I mean, I already have too much pizza in my fridge that I wish wasn’t. It was just easier than dealing with cooking or dirtying dishes to wash later. I have bad habits with eating a lot of junk while I do creative things… I crave chips and cookies and snacky things that I can continually eat while working… So I’m going to have to make sure I don’t lose all focus on this healthy eating thing. This application is also going to mean I really don’t have a choice with my apartment–what would have gone towards a deposit on a new place will go towards tuition (and well, I have to tell my landlord by the 15th if I’m renewing my lease, so regardless of whether I get in, I have to commit to this decision).

So. Yeah. If you don’t hear from me much this month assume I’m writing. And well, if you think I’m loosing wind or wavering… NAG THE SHIT OUT OF ME. Seriously internets, I give you permission to kick my ass on this one. Let’s get this done.

*By “strong work” they don’t mean publish-able works, they just mean things that show my strengths as a writer and show I have potential to grow my skills. I think this part of the application is where I feel the most pressure.
**I also feel like this is a good month for me, when I am able to blog, to tell you all more about my journey so far as a writer (wow that sounds… douchey? self-important?…), why I’m choosing now & this program to apply, and just how the application process is going.