all of these things:

Remember how I said I was an awkward dinosaur? Yeah. That thing.

I guess you could call this “I’m an awkward dinosaur, part II.” There’s just so much going on right now in my mind, I just can’t get it to sit still long enough to properly focus. So here’s all the tiny things I’ve been wanting to tell you, but just can’t get them into one big coherent post:

The main staples of my wardrobe are now v-neck tshirts and knee-high socks. I imagine once it warms up a bit, that this will make up the majority of my at-home outfits (with underwear, of course)…

I am apparently addicted to soft pretzels/bretzels. Can’t get enough of them. Plus salt & vinegar chips. Trying not to think of what all that sodium is doing to me. Non-sodium related: Cream Soda. Just because I can’t have caffeine doesn’t mean that I should be limited to only lemon-lime flavored carbonated beverages.

My friends have had some of the best facial hair lately. I mean, the weekend before last the entire Hideout was just brimming with them (my friends and sweet facial hair)… and then with this last weekend and a friend rocking a tri-beard goatee.

I’m kind of in love with Supernatural. The plots might not always be the best, but the writers do get some really great quips in there. Enough so that I’ve made my way to season 6 pretty quickly.

I may have asked one of my male friends–who also happens to be a loving father of, like, 3–to dance for me for my birthday. With glow sticks. (Is it also weird that I have a poster of this friend up on my wall?)

I still have my christmas tree up. Yeah, I know. But it’s pink, sparkly, and has large fake diamond ornaments on it.

This song came on while I was at lunch today, and it completely made my day. Just the right song at the right time. And if that video, with the guitar player and the backup singers doesn’t make your day, I don’t know what will… (maybe some Waffles?)

I have decided that this year I really want to accomplish the following things: Go to see Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me. Ride a horse again. See the shark exhibit at the Shedd. Get rid of about 40% of my current wardrobe (aka all the old stuff I’ve just been holding on to for no good reason). Meet the Modify Watches team. Replace my stolen bicycle. Ride in the Tour de Fat Chicago slow ride again. Not to plan a birthday party, but just to spend it with friends. Spend more time with my niece.

I kind of applied for something pretty big, but I’m not sure I’m qualified. And no, I’m not talking the writing program. (Still applying, but I’m going to rock that one.) Anyway. Not sure how it’s going to go because I completely wrote my application essay while on pain killers for my endo. I just know I got in this crazy manic mood where my mind just kept shouting MUST APPLY NOW. We’ll see what happens.

And as long as we’re talking applications and writing, here’s where I am in regards to my U of Chi application: I’ll be done with revisions to my writing samples this week. Going to write a few new flash fiction pieces too. But it’ll be ready for a final read from a friend, then it and the personal statement I still need to write will be mailed off on Monday.