Home Sweet… something…

I’ve been in Chicago for almost 5 years now. 5 years this June. I’ve loved exploring the different neighborhoods, and really, there’s no doubt in my mind that for this point in my life, Chicago is my home.

And I just did something I’ve never done… I renewed my lease. I haven’t lived in the same place for more than 14 months since high school when I was living with my mom.* So this is something big for me. In college, the only time I stayed in the same dorm room for the full year was my first year. When I moved to Chicago, I never really made a plan to move every time my lease came up… but that’s what I ended up doing. It’s been fun, mostly. But as birthdays came, I started to realize I wanted to settle in a bit more. That I wanted to find a place and just stay there. To have a real “home base.”

Now, this apartment probably won’t become that place for me. All of my windows look out to an alley. My floor needs to be resealed. The shower sounds like Chewbacca and the water temperature is bipolar. There’s no storage, and my kitchen is small. And yes, I’d like a dishwasher. But it does feel nice to just stay put for once. (And honestly, I think after that whole situation and moving to Indiana, the cats are happy to stay put too.) I’m near the lake. I’m near buses and trains. There’s a little local grocery store down the road. My landlord is super nice. My neighbors aren’t that crazy. My living room is the size of most studios I was looking at, and my bedroom isn’t that much smaller. It’s not perfect, but it’s home for now.

And on the topic of home and home for now…

I’ve been at this web hosting for 4 years-ish. And the past few months have been rocky. I was hacked twice. TWICE. The first time I ended up deleting my entire blog and had to rebuild it. This time I was able to fix everything without deleting my site. All the malware is gone, my site is (in theory) more secure. All it takes is one weak spot and all of my domains became vulnerable (and I’ve got 5 active ones right now).  Everything’s fine now, but I’ll probably be moving to a new hosting provider at the end of the year.**

*I’d say a year, but I stayed in my third apartment a few months after my lease ended.
**In the process of writing this post, the entire site got borked. I realize my host’s support team was just trying to help… but they broke my entire site and that’s just.. THEY BROKE MY ENTIRE SITE. I’m not okay with this. If you see anything messed up with my site in the future, please contact me via twitter or email (dork [at] adorkableme [dot] com)… hopefully all this is done with.