these things should happen: 2012 edition

So, a couple posts ago I mentioned a list of random things I decided I wanted to accomplish this year.

After creating that list, I kept returning to it, thinking of more items to put on it… So I decided this should be a thing. Something I keep track of and maybe even work towards.  In theory, that’s what I’m supposed to be doing with my life list… but well… for some reason these all feel different. Maybe because they’re not necessarily goals, just things I wouldn’t mind doing.

The full list can be found here–which, well, is nested right under my life list in the nav menu. But I wanted to expound on some of them, and thought this intro to it might be a good time to do so. I’ll keep updating the list, and will hopefully share more with my progress… but for now, here’s a few items on the list:

See the shark exhibit at the Shedd. I always miss this. I’ve been to the Shedd a good handful of times since moving here and every. single. time. I miss the shark exhibit. I remember where they used to be, see the sign that they’re not in the tank, and then completely forget that they’re in a new exhibit in a different wing/floor of the aquarium. I’m determined to right this mental lapse this year.

Meet the Modify Watches team. This should speak for itself. I’ve been in touch with Aaron, who in my mind is Mr. Modify, for a while now. The passion he has for his brand is amazing and infectious. After a lot of email and twitter exchanges, and a few phone calls, I’m looking forward to meeting him, and the rest of his amazing crew in person.

Don’t plan a birthday party this year, just spend the day with my friends. Every year I make these crazy and sometimes way too elaborative plans for my birthday. I have since I was little. And every year, without fail, well, they fail. So in the beginning of February, I started planning my next party–which my birthday isn’t until June, mind you. Different things sounded fun and all… but I couldn’t even come up with much of a wish list for things I wanted. This year I don’t want to plan any party, I just want to be with my friends.

Get in a snowball fight. After this winter, and the paltry snowfall we had… yeah, I wouldn’t mind some real snow and having some fun.

Go horseback riding. I loved horses when I was a little girl. For my 13th birthday my mom even got me riding lessons. I loved it. But outside of that, and a few friends who let me ride once or twice, I really haven’t ridden much. Ever. I guess I’m still holding on to that childhood dream.

Of course, there’s more on the list and I’m going to keep adding to it. But I’m really looking forward to crossing things off it, and hoping I’ll have some amazing companions helping do so.

On a more serious note: yes, my site is fixed. The malware is completely removed. Everything is safe now. Fret not. Thanks to everyone who helped!