Happy: spelling letters, drunk DrawSomething, and psychosomatic bruises…

I was trying to think of things to write about… but all I can really think about is the fact that I’m just happy. Which is awesome, but not necessarily the most entertaining blog fodder.

However, these things might help with that…

Recently & Currently:

I learned the spellings for the letters H and Y. (aitch/ehch and why/wye respectively).

Had my first (of hopefully many more) drumssage. (Yes, I actually asked someone to hit my back repeatedly with drumsticks. And yes, I liked it.)

I had someone mistake me for Sarah Vowell yesterday. It was pretty awesome.

I played Draw Something drunk, against the person sitting next to me at the bar. This too was pretty awesome. (Trying to figure out one of the drawings the next morning, frustratingly entertaining. IT TOOK ME AN HOUR.)

I found out Sesame Street does not take unsolicited show ideas.

I’m working on 2 sites right now, both for friends. One we’ve been planning on building this for about a year now, so it’s good to get it going. The other I asked to build just so I could try my hand at some really sweet jQuery. (Yep. Nerd.)

Still no word from U of Chi. I’m starting to believe the stress from this is giving me weird dreams. (Seriously, who dreams about HDMI cables?!)

Speaking of dreams… I recently had one that was 1980s Jim Henson-esque (think Dark Crystal and Monster Maker). It involved a smaller dragon being chased by larger ones. I woke up with weird bruises on my legs–in places I’d know if I’d hit as they’re not the easiest to bump into things there. (So now a friend and I have discussed the possibilities of psychosomatic bruising.)

I’m going to re-tackle this whole healthy eating thing again. Cooking more, better lunch choices (aka Hello Protein Bar!), and no sodas for a while. (I’ve done really well on the Almond Milk thing. Even found out that Argo Tea has it, so now I can have my caffeine free Rooibus teappucino with vanilla and almond milk.)

Next week is mostly in the 60s with one day predicted to be in the 70s. I am looking forward to wearing nothing but dresses and skirts.

There is a cupcake sitting in front of me.*

So what’s going on with you all right now? Big or small.

*who am I kidding. There WAS a cupcake sitting in front of me. NOMS.