the saga of my writing application

So let’s recap.

On Jan 6th I RSVP’d for the University of Chicago’s Writer’s Studio info session.

Not sure exactly what sparked that whole “I want to be in a writing program” thing again, but something did and I decided to look into the Graham School (aka U of Chicago’s continuing education).

Feb 2nd I attended the session, not sure really if I was going to apply but figured I’d at least see what the whole thing was all about.

On the bus ride home I decided: FUCK IT. I’m applying. A lot of people who attended the info session were wavering and thinking about applying for the fall quarter. Nope. Spring for me. Deadline: March 1.

So on the second day of the shortest month of year, I decided I was going to get my act together and writer my personal statement (okay, only 500 words, I can do that no problem, right?), and put together my writing sample (10-20 pages of good work in my genre: short story)… ERKGH.

I had 2 friends read my work, the first read through ALL of my crazy rough drafts. Based on her input, I picked out a handful of pieces. I edited the hell out of them and tried to make them appear as polished as they could. Then sent that all off to another writer friend who gave me his thoughts (and vote of confidence)…

And on Feb 28th I emailed and faxed in my entire application… I was told I’d know within two weeks.

And then I began compulsively checking my email and just going all crazy-like.

Today marks 2 weeks since I sent in my application… and me being all crazy and anxious and completely impatient because “within two weeks” means during that two week time period… and so I called to check on the status of my application….


… First class is March 27th.

Thank you to everyone who sent encouraging messages. Big thanks to Natasha & Brian for helping me with my writing samples. And thanks to all the internet for putting up with my anxiety.