I need to be better to my body.

Internet, I feel gross.

Like, I just bought Pepto-Bismol from 7-Eleven kind of gross.* And I want to blame this all on what I had for lunch: a huge plate full of pizza.

The BBQ chicken was good, as was the slice of pesto chicken… but when I got to the spinach… I was done for. I immediately felt sick and threw away the remaining slices.

Feeling sick factor number 1: I need to stop eating like I’m some college kid. My metabolism hasn’t changed that much, but still, just because the pizza (or any food) is free doesn’t mean I have to eat my weight in it.

Feeling sick factor number 2: I need to stop saying I’m going to eat better and just start actually eating better. I had started doing this, and then just stopped the moment I got stressed out and good, healthy food was just too much work at the moment.

The amount of pizza I’ve ordered and consumed under stress is embarrassing. Probably 4 pizzas in the past 3 weeks maybe. Just by myself. I mean, yeah, I like pizza. But this is ridiculous. Most of the time I just really want two slices, but I end up with two medium pizzas because it’s cheaper than one large.**

I can say that I’ve been doing really well with switching over to Almond Milk.*** I’ve graduated past just drinking it and using it on cereal/granola to actually doing some cooking with it. Mostly just mac & cheese and potato soup, but it’s been successful thus far. (Though I’ve convinced it gives a slight minty smell to my mac & cheese. Weird, but not off putting.) However, I am starting to worry that this prolonged lack of cow’s milk is turning my stomach against my beloved cheese. Which is another reason that ricotta covered spinach pizza probably didn’t settle well.

Anyway. Starting with this weekend’s grocery trip, I’m attempting round 2 (20? I have no clue any more) of eating better. This is not an Erini going paleo or vegan or veggie or any other sort of thing. It’s just me trying to be smarter about what I’m putting in my body. I don’t want to completely restrict myself, but just not make so many dumb choices when there are a lot of very tasty healthy options out there.

So. With all that being said… What are some of your favorite good for you recipes/meals?? Gonna need a lot of suggestions on snacks because I am the potato chip queen. I just bought a small blender for smoothies, so I’m excited about trying those out as well.

*I also just got a Super Big Gulp of Gatoraid–which is another sign that my stomach is not happy. (Side note: I can’t be the only one who partially choses their Gatoraid based on the color rather than the flavor. It’s like a Kool-Aid and jello thing.)
**Pizza math is sort of amazing.
***I also want to say that I’m doing better with drinking water too. I’ve done almost a bottle a day this week and I was actually craving water last night. This never happens.