my friend the monster

So with part of this whole “eating better” thing I’ve been attempting… I did something I don’t normally do: I jumped on a health food bandwagon.*

I’m kinda really in love with Green Monster Smoothies.

I’ve really got Amy to thank for this. She talked a lot about her juice cleanse, and then said something somewhere about these green monster smoothies**… and well, I had to try it. They are EVERYWHERE on Pinterest. It’s insane. In fact, after I started drinking these, I found that a lot of my friends were already on this bandwagon.

I may be a little late to the game, but yeah, I still love this and still want to share.

My first smoothie was really basic:
3 ice cubes
1 banana
handful of spinach
1 cup almond milk

 Pretty standard. Looked, well, like a really weird mixture… and then I blended it…

So, yes, that is an instagram photo with a filter.. but it was pretty green. I also learned that my little blender is SUPER loud. Nothing would tone that down. Well, nothing but taking out the ice cubes. Which I don’t recommend.

Now. I really wished I lived in the south, some place like Louisiana… because the way I make my smoothies now, it’s more like Swamp Monster Smoothies. (I mean, they do sort of have the same green colors as the Chicago river, so I guess I could go with River Monster Smoothies…) Anyway. They’re awesome and I love how you can take a base recipe and really make it your own.

So. Here’s your simple base smoothie recipe:
1 frozen banana
2 ice cubes
1 cup milk (I prefer almond)

It wasn’t long before I started experimenting… And I still have more experimenting to do… But here’s some of the combinations I’ve done so far. (When I say “base smoothie”, I’m referring to the recipe above.)

The Swamp Monster:
Base Smoothie (substitute regular milk with chocolate)
Peanut butter

The Dirty Monster:
Base smoothie (use less milk)
splash of Apple Juice
Frozen Strawberries

PB&J Monster:
The Dirty Monster
Peanut Butter

I’ve been having these almost every day. Seriously. I’ll have them for breakfast, or even for dinner. I love it. They look weird, but taste awesome. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if I burn out the motor on my new little blender before the end of the year.

That was this morning’s blend. Chocolate base, peanut butter, and kale.

Are you a Green Monster fan?? What are your favorite blends? Share your smoothie pics on the Adorkable Facebook page!

*Okay, okay… so I sort of did this too with quinoa. But that stuff just taste good!
**I was trying to figure out where these smoothies came from, but the closest I could get to where this craze started is from Oh She Glows! and her Green Monster Movement