first days: back to school, back to school…

I had my first class through U of C’s Writer’s Studio on Tuesday. I barely had time for my acceptance to sink in, and here I am starting classes already.

I mean, this is sort of why I chose to apply for the Spring term rather than wait for the Fall. But wow, time is just moving too quickly. I was nervous, but it didn’t really hit me until that day. I had work to distract me, but that last hour was painful. Then there was making my way over to the school, wondering if I’d get lost–even though I’d been in the building a couple times before. Then there was waiting for the class itself.

Being the new kid, no matter how old you are, is always weird. And I only found out that day that there were two other students in class. Initial thought: okay, well, less people to be nervous around with the whole reading aloud thing. Then: Yeah, cannot slack off at all in such a small group, and no way I can just hide and be quiet–participation will be mandatory for me.

Class was good. I definitely have flashbacks to other writing workshops and classes wherein I feel like I’m the worse read writer (as in, I don’t read enough, and when I do, I don’t read the “right” people–hey, I like Bukowski and his drinking and sex and farts)…  I’m also a little nervous that I’m going to be remembered as that endearing little new girl who wrote the dog story. (The first piece they got to hear from me was an in-class piece I wrote from the dog’s point of view regarding his adoption.)

Anyway. I’m excited about the program in general, and seeing what sort of stories I come away with in this class. It’s intimidating, yet awesome knowing that at the end of 2 years I’ll have approximately 150 pages of writing. That’s a lot of short stories–especially since I want to experiment with flash fiction.

*You’ll be able to read some excerpts and small pieces on my portfolio site, which will be live in a week or so.