the thing about homework…

So this whole starting school so quickly after applying and getting accepted didn’t allow for much time to process much.

Like the fact that writing programs require a lot of reading and writing and OMG READING ALOUD IN CLASS. I mean, I knew this was part of the program, I understood it at some level… it just, well, didn’t sink in.

I’m okay with the reading, because you eventually get used to the fact that you’re not going to like every story. And honestly, it’s sort of expected that you won’t necessarily like every story. You’re training yourself to read like a writer, not reading for just pure entertainment. Plus, I’m focusing in short stories, keyword short.

But these are workshop classes, so it means reading your peers’ work and critiquing it. And they’re doing the same to mine. I’m not unfamiliar with writing workshops. But they’re still a little nerve-racking. It’s that whole being exposed thing. I know that I’m in this program because I want to write a lot and really experiment with my writing. I just need to get in a habit of writing–make it a normal thing. Then maybe this whole “omg they’re judging me personally because of this piece of fiction I wrote” won’t be an issue. Or as much of an issue. It’s not too dissimilar from music. You just have to practice.

… Now… with all that said… Even though I’ve only finished two classes, I’m starting to research MFA programs. Time to stop running away from fears of failure.