focusing on the good: Awards, Writing, and Marching Bands

This week has been a week.

I had a lot on my mind, and various personal and emotion things that I’d been dealing with… and at least one of them came to the surface

But then I was hit again and again with all these good things. So though I had serious things on my mind, I was just extremely happy. It was a little odd, but you know, I’m going to call this a good week.

♦ I found out that one of the sites I helped build has been nominated for 2 Webby Awards. This is just awesome. We’re up for Best University/School Site and Best Use of Video. (And you can vote for us here!) … Unless you work in the web, you might not know what the Webby Awards are, but, well, they’ve been called “the Oscars of the Internet”. Yeah. This is big. And Awesome.

♦ My first real writing workshop for class went super well. Wasn’t intimidating, which I really credit our instructor as well as my two classmates for that. And, well, my piece was good. It was not only received well, but my instructor said I was very successful. I left class feeling like my life was going in the right direction.

♦ My friend BRHischier and I have decided to hold each other accountable with our writing. He’s finished writing a series of novels, which he’s now taking and editing. But he also is doing poetry too. So, he’s in the midst of a lot of submissions and is helping me get started with my own journey into this crazy world. Mostly I’m going to attempt some writing contests and smaller journals. If I’m going to integrate writing into my career/life, I need to get used to this process.

Fanfare for Marching Band premiered in Chicago last night. This is the film Mucca Pazza made last year with director Danièle Wilmouth and choreographer Peter Carpenter. Saying “it’s amazing” doesn’t really capture it right. I loved every moment of it, and am so proud of my friends. I was smiling ear to ear the entire film. (I even found myself in the film!) And of course, Mucca ended the night with an amazing and crazy energy-filled live performance. I’m so excited about our upcoming tours. (and the new cd!)

So. Despite all the other stuff going on… I’m good. As good as I can be, and in some areas I’m stellar. Over all, things feel all right.