ready, set, TOUR!

Hooray for today being my Friday!

Tomorrow, in my mind at least, is the start of tour season with Mucca Pazza. And we’re kicking things off in St. Louis at the Firebird. Then we’ve got a number of shows out east for the next couple months. (Which you can find out about here. Or here. Or here.)

I’m bouncing up and down in my seat–which is pretty fun actually, since our office chairs are those bungie kind. I’m running over a list in my head making sure I remember to pack everything I need tomorrow. It’s just an overnight trip, so I don’t need much… but I want to make sure I’ve got what I need for during the show (my Square card reader, Field Notes, markers, pens…) and it’s a 5-6 hour trip on our little tour bus, so I want to stay a little entertained.

I’m getting my prescription refilled tonight, and even picking up some dry shampoo for this summer. Yesterday I damn near tried to buy out REI. But I stuck with my plan and only got my stupidly expensive pool raft sleeping pad. And a travel towel. And a fleece blanket that was on clearance. But nothing else! For now.

Everything Mucca is just exciting and happy right now. The Chicago premiere of their film, Fanfare for Marching Band went amazing. They just wrapped up filming a music video. And the new album is coming out the day before my birthday. It’s just a lot of good things right now and I’m happy to be a small part of it.

… And I absolutely cannot wait to get on the road tomorrow! Is it Friday morning yet?

Lastly, check out the preview for Mucca’s new album, Safety Fifth, which I love every song, but definitely Rabbits & Trees and Boss Taurus have been the ones stuck in my head more days than not (though I had Monster Tango in my head this morning)…

All photos by C.B. Lindsey