exhausted, but happy

I think I’ve entered a weird time warp where all of a sudden everything moves too fast without you knowing and then all of a sudden it’s three weeks later.

Keeping so busy means that time is just flying.

It also means I’m exhausted.

But there’s just so much good and happy. So I don’t really mind the exhaustion or the time flying. I just don’t notice how quickly time goes until everything’s done and I can sit for a bit.

We had some changes on the admin with 20sb, and so now I’ve got a bit more responsibility and there’s a lot going on behind the scenes! I’m excited about it all and really happy to be on a team with some amazing ladies.

Season’s Geekings sort of faded a bit as things got crazy… but we’re still doing private runs. Which included a couple of postcards for BiSC. So those are off at the printer and will be on their way to Vegas.

Mucca Pazza has a new album coming out June 12th, and I got to put together a postcard for the presale. (Which you should totally buy because it has free shipping, a introductory sale price, and comes with this amazing poster by Kathleen Judge.)

Mucca Pazza also has a lot of touring going on… like DC this weekend! 3 shows in 2 days. It’s going to be kind of crazy, but I love it. Plus, I’m prepared with food and snacks for the road. No more travel fast food junk for me! Yay Trader Joe’s peanut butter filled pretzels!

Writing class is still going well. In fact, my current story is being really well received. I was told to make it a novel. We’ll see where it goes, but it’s been a long time since I felt this good about a story. I know I made the right choice about attending U of Chicago’s Graham School. Whether my story ends up 20 pages or a full novel, I’m happy with what I’m doing.

I’m joining up with a designer I respect, a former instructor that really pushed me, on a freelance project. It’s not huge, but it’s something. I’m happy to be helping out a friend. Honestly I wasn’t sure if I wanted to pick up any more freelance web gigs for the time being. But I’m glad I did.

In really, really big news… We won a Webby! We won Best School/University site. It’s a huge honor to be nominated, and we were for two categories. We didn’t win any People’s Voice… but yeah, we won the actual Webby. Something I worked on, won a very prestigious web award. And I couldn’t be more excited. (And having my mom brag about me on facebook is just awesome.)

I still have errands to run. I need to go to Target, and probably REI before we leave on Friday… I’ve got stories to read for class. I’ve got a lot of writing to do. But for right now, I’m going to figure out a simple dinner, watch Lost on Netflix, and enjoy some cuddles with my kitties.