a Capitol idea! (my trip to DC)

And the exhaustion keeps on coming! At least the happy is going full-throttle right next to it.

We just got back from DC–and it was a great trip! Good performances, good crowds, and just good times all around. This was really my first time in DC. The other didn’t quite count as we were just there only to pick up my brother from an emergency appendectomy and didn’t really get into the city. Can I just say, it’s weird being in a big city without any tall buildings. The shortness of the city really just weirded me out for a while. Maybe it was just the area we were in–Foggy Bottom–but it didn’t feel that urban to me.

But the city was still beautiful with all the parks and the river… I can get over the shortness and that for as many bikers as they have NONE of them give courtesy to walkers. (Seriously, a little “on your left/right” goes a long way.)  Anyway. It was nice getting to see the sites. No matter when I went to bed (generally sometime between 2:30-3:30am), I still woke up at 5:30 and ended up just getting out of bed by 6am. Which was sort of nice. On our first night in Breezewood, PA it meant a beautiful view and a 3 hour breakfast on the roof patio… In DC it meant walking around and seeing the monuments by myself. (I love Mucca, but there’s 30+ of us and I need my quiet time…)

*J Funky, also a member of the early risers club, took this great panoramic pic from breakfast. Click to enlarge.

I’ve got a lot of great memories of the trip… and really no time to reflect! Class tonight, prepping the merch tomorrow, and then on the road again on Thursday!

You can check out Mucca Pazza’s performance from the Kennedy Center here. (Starts at about minute 37.)

DC, thanks for the fun trip and hordes of ducklings!

*Seriously. SO MANY DUCKLINGS, DC. (And non-Ryan Goslings.)
**The first panoramic pic J took, I looked like a Zombie. So I’m okay with the goofball look on this one.
***We’ll be back in DC on June 16th for Tour de Fat. Come out and say hi!