feeling like summer (also: new site design)

First, if you’re reading from a RSS reader, I highly recommend clicking through to see the site. New colors.

Been wanting to have some fun with the site design, but not wanting to do a complete redesign (just yet, at least)… so BAM. Summer colors. New font. New pictures. Same pink dinosaur.

I know Summer doesn’t officially start until June 20th… but with tour season well on it’s way, it sort of feels like it to me. Plus lovely weather, music festivals, bikini shopping…

This last weekend we were in Nelsonville, Ohio for the annual Nelsonville Music Fest. It was great. Super hot on Saturday, but well, lots of fun. Festival sold the merch, so I was on crowd duty. Got to meet a lot of cool people & fans. Mucca’s good friend Andrew Bird was there as well, so I finally got to see and hear his full set! This time, however, his large band was gone and it was just him. I’ve got to say, this guy is crazy talented. It was exactly the Andrew Bird show I wanted to see, and I got to see it from backstage!

There was also a nice little surprise for the audience. Bird invited Mucca to join him for his last two songs. I’m always proud of my Muccas, but I was just beaming for them. So much joy! (And yeah, tiny bit jealous, but in the best way possible.)

Our cheerleaders had an important question for Andrew Bird… “Will there be snacks?”

It was a really great weekend. Camping in some nice cabins. Campfires. S’mores. So much laughter… Just lots of fun with some great people. Oh, and finally getting to actually meet Andrew Bird along with rather than just staring at him awkward and looking away quickly once I realize I’m staring again… so awesome.