time to be honest.

Okay Internet. I have a confession.

I have been failing, absolutely failing, with my creative writing as of late.

I haven’t written anything new since… the way home from DC. May 7th. Two and half weeks. And it’s not writer’s block that’s stopping me. I’ve got scenes in my head. And after the trip to Nelsonville, I’ve got a lot of insight for a story I started two years ago. So I’ve got two novels going. There’s a lot of words and visions and just things happening in my head. But I haven’t taken the time to get them from my noggin to paper.

I can’t really blame exhaustion. Yes, I’ve been beyond tired this month and really busy. But I can make time to write. I should make time to write. But I didn’t. And it’s no one’s fault but my own.

I’m not going to completely beat myself up because of it… but I am going to use this frustration to kick my ass into gear and get working on these stories. Not to mention I want to work on my focus, short stories. (Though after these latest developments, I’m wondering if I shouldn’t switch to the novel tract.)

I’ve got a 3-day weekend coming up, and I’m going to use it properly: buy a new bikini, go to the beach at the end of my block, WRITE WRITE WRITE.