wants and, well, wants. (wherein you get to say “treat yo self”)

First, can I just say…. OMG 4 DAYS BEFORE MY BIRTHDAY!

As it gets closer, I get more and more excited. I mean, I’m going on a trip (tour) with my favorite people. I can’t ask for more.

However, doesn’t mean that I’m not thinking about what I’m going to get myself this year… Every year I like to do something nice for myself. I’ve done everything from a nice mani-pedi, a new video game, new outfit, a nice meal, new iPod, and one year it was a car. (Granted, that was also a practical thing too because I needed one.)

This year, my mom took care of what I was thinking of getting myself… an air conditioner.

Gotta think of name for this guy… and well, still need someone to come over to make sure I hooked it up right… Not to mention figuring out the best setting for keeping the kitties from dying while I’m at work and my apartment sits in the 90s.

ANYWAY. With my amazing mother gifting me this fancy thing, it means I’m now trying to figure out what I want and need most.

Bicycle. I could really use a bike. I was gifted one last year, and well, thanks to my doddling on getting a helmet and picking up said bike, it got stolen. So now I have a nice helmet, but no bike. While I won’t be riding to work (it’s 45 minute bus ride, most of which is on Lake Shore), it’d be nice for around the neighborhood.

Juicer. I got into a juice kick this year. I can’t afford to do a pre-made cleanse, and well, buying juices from the local place adds up too ($7-8 a juice!)… so I’ve been thinking about putting that money towards a juicer. My only fear is finding a model that’s super easy to clean won’t be easy/cheap.

iPad. I LOVE my Nook Tablet… but well, it’s not as powerful a tablet as I could use. So unless I want to root it, I’m thinking of giving in to an iPad 2. I’d like to be able to work on my writing while on the road, as well as update google docs for merch and stuff… and keeping a laptop with me is just.. bulky. I’m just trying to figure out if it’ll be cost effective to add it to my cell plan or turn my cell into a hotspot… (I just wish there was a smaller iPad, and yes, I realize I’m weird.)

Crosley Turntable. While I have no records in Chicago, I have teeny tiny collection at my mom’s (which, well, they mainly belong to my folks). But Mucca’s new album comes out on vinyl (in THREE days), and I wouldn’t mind owning it AND being able to listen it…

New Pots & Pans. I’ve got a mishmash of kitchen stuff, and part of me wants to get all new stuff, and lots of fun kitchen toys… main thing stopping me is that my kitchen is tiny and I might as well make do with what I’ve got until I get a real kitchen.

… And that’s pretty much it. There’s other things that’d be fun. Shoes. Dresses. New glasses. A trip to Shedd to see the sharks… but well, I might still do/get those things as well as something from the list above. We’ll see which one wins out.