Bikini Season!

This post is underwritten by Old Navy

Summer officially started Wednesday. I welcomed it in with a fun, kid-filled concert with my favorite band nerds at Garfield Park (followed by some adult beverages). But with the official start of summer it means we can officially declare it bikini season!

All the way up until my senior year of high school, I was a one piece or tankini only girl. The more coverage the better. Then I turned 18 and decided I wanted a bikini. So I borrowed one from my (now ex-) sister-in-law’s sister. And since then it’s really been the only type of swimwear that I’ve purchased.

I joke about the fact that I live on the beach… in Chicago, but the truth is at the end of my block is the lake and a nice stretch of beach. I didn’t take advantage of it last year, but this year I plan on changing that. Touring is slowing down a little, so now I’ll have free weekends to spend soaking up the sun. In fact, I had some free time the day before my birthday before this last Mucca tour, so I went down to the beach for an hour or so and I actually knocked out a complete short story. Hopefully this will be the view of my new “writing office”:

Now, it’s been about two or three years since I got a new bikini, so it’s about time to treat myself to one. Since the last two I bought were from Old Navy (two triangle bikinis, one shimmery pink, the other a gunmetal silver, with black bottoms), I knew they’d be top on my list for the new one.

While they’ve got a lot of options, these are some of my favorites. For some reason I’m on this bandeau top kick. I have no idea if they’d be flattering on me, but for some reason I’m liking them more than most triangle tops. But that’s one of the awesome things — Old Navy’s got a lot of style options. Heck. They even have a one piece I like and would consider…

Regardless of what I go with… you bet your butt I’ll be sportin’ a two piece on the beach this summer. Notebooks and pens at the ready.

Thank you again to Old Navy for sponsoring my post. I was compensated for this post as a member of Clever Girls Collective, but the content is all my own.