There’s been a lot going on in my mind lately. Just a lot of things I’m dealing with and trying to push through. I can’t say that my mind has slowed down any, but it’s becoming full of good things rather than bad.

With all that not-so-happy stuff floating around in my head, my original weekend plans didn’t really work out. But I decided I was still going to enjoy myself. With that, I treated myself to a beach day.

I didn’t get out there until sometime after 3:30pm, and stayed until sometime after 6pm. It was still crazy sunny, but it was amazingly breezy. The wind just did not stop. But it was nice. I could lay out in the sun, and not burn up temperature wise because I had a constant, natural fan turned on the entire time. (And somehow, my SPF8 kept me from burning, YET AGAIN.)

I read some Dybek. I listened to some of The New Yorker Fiction podcasts. I watched a crazy army of seagulls over take a fourth of the beach. But mostly I just relaxed.

My beach isn’t crazy populated like the ones further south. There’s still people and families out there, but you’re not all on top of each other. You’ve got space.

And for a few short hours I got to relax and forget about everything.

It was beautiful.