the dork abides

For the past three days I’ve been knee deep in code.

I decided on Tuesday I wanted to completely redo my portfolio site. So, within 24 hours I rebuilt it, and I even reformatted all the content to fit the new site. But, me being me, means I’ve been nit-picking small things ever since yesterday afternoon when it went live.

So, I’m taking a break from code before I smash my head into my desk. Repeatedly. jQuery is not my friend right now… (.createElement(‘STAB’))

Tomorrow morning I get to wake up bright and early as the Muccas and I are heading down to Louisville for LebowskiFest! Yes. LebowskiFest. White Russians. Bowling. And dear lord I hope I hear at least one person exclaim “Forget it, Donny! You’re out of your element!” It’s going to be a good time.*

We’re staying overnight in Louisville, then rushing back for what is going to be a very full, but amazingly awesome Saturday.

Our good friends from New Belgium’s Tour de Fat will be in Chicago, so we’ll be paying them a little visit around 1:40-ish. If you’re in town, and especially if you have a bike and/or like beer, you should check it out. The bike parade is super fun, and there’s just so many acts you don’t want to miss.

From Tour de Fat, I’ll be hauling ass to get to Rebekah’s hotel. I need to drop off my stuff before she and I join our fellow nerds for a special Nintendo Brand Ambassador event. We got an exclusive invite to the WiiU Experience. A few hours of hands on with Nintendo’s latest console system, followed by drinks and dinner. I think the only reason I’m not geeked out more about this event is from being slightly brain dead from a coding overload. I also haven’t been reading too many reviews as I really want to go into this experience with no expectations other than to have a great time.

After the WiiU Experience, I’ll be saying bye to my friends for a little bit and running off to see someone who is The Best. My friend Steinomite is having his debut CD release that night, and I’ve volunteered to do merch for him. Ssssnake is also performing, as well as other performers I don’t know personally but I know will be amazing.

All of this will be topped off with brunch Sunday morning with Rebekah before she heads home. There was talk of some beach time for Sunday afternoon–which as long as I just get to lay on my towel and relax, I’ll be up for.

It’s an incredibly nerdy weekend, and I really can’t wait.

*Though, if you get me excited, I’ll probably say BukowskiFest… which I’d like to think would be just as fun in its own way…
**Sorry for my lameness in not linking anything… if you want more info about anything mentioned, let me know and I’ll get a link or two out to you.