Being a Daydreamer

This is a guest post by Foxy Bingo.

Being a daydreamer is fun. It’s an escape from reality, and nice things happen there most of the time. Being a daydreamer can have both positive and negative connotations though. Of course there’s nothing wrong with having little fantasies, but there is such thing as too much of a good thing. And when you’re a constant daydreamer who drifts off even when you’re playing some foxy bingo, it can occasionally get in the way.

The perks 

Better than reality – Most of the time the things happening in my head are way better than those happening outside, because things go my way in my head. Plus you understand your own humour.

Imagination – The world is your oyster. Anything can and will happen, because your imagination is untapped and fun. Your imagination needs exercising anyway.

Dreams to reality – The best thing about daydreaming is when you think of ways to make that daydream a reality. And they do happen. I used to daydream about being a writer and now I am. Dreaming gives you goals to achieve and even if you don’t accomplish them, at least you tried.

The bad stuff 

Unobservant – You tend to miss things that other people (the non-daydreamers) pick up on. And what if it was important? It’s times like that you need to learn to control your imagination.

Not taken seriously – When you often disappear into your own little world, people will often think of you as an unserious person. While this isn’t always a bad thing, it is when you actually need these people to take you seriously i.e. your boss.

Embarrassment – Have you ever gone off into a world of your own at a really bad moment? Do you come back to reality only to a) realise you were laughing out loud at your inner thoughts, and b) everyone is staring at you? It’s almost a badge of honour when you are a daydreamer.