my new Nintendo crush — the WiiU

So. Pretty old news that I absolutely love Nintendo. Not just the gaming systems, but the company too.

Well, the weekend before last, my friends at Nintendo and Brand About Town invited myself and a good handful of other ambassadors to the WiiU Experience that was visiting Chicago.

News about the WiiU has been out for a while, but not many have gotten a chance to try it. So Nintendo is touring their new system to various cities across the country for an invite only experience to try out the system and some of the new games.

The big thing with this new system is the Game Pad–the tablet-looking controller with a touch screen.

There have been a lot of skeptics of the WiiU. Even I wasn’t too sure what to think. I was definitely hopeful. And I’ve got to say I was delightfully surprised when I finally got my hands on it!

Each game utilizes the Game Pad differently. Some games barely use it, like Just Dance 4. Which, was tons of fun–I placed 2nd and 1st the two times I played. It’s pretty similar to the rest of the series, but just as fun. With New Super Mario Bros 2, the player with the Game Pad assists the other characters through the levels. Doesn’t sound all that exciting, but it was kind of tricky to place the blocks in the right places so my friends wouldn’t die.

Wii Fit U was a lot of fun. There’s a great balance game where you’ve got to run desserts through a banquet and not drop them. You watched your Mii run through the room on the TV, but you hold the Game Pad horizontal like a tray and you can watch your food items on that screen. (Though I recommend watching the screen so you don’t hit people and know where you’re going!) I personally liked the one where you shot water at mud-covered Miis. You utilized the Wii Fit board as a pedal for the water, and aimed with the Game Pad. Looking at the TV game you an overview of the whole game.

One of the great things? The Game Pad is surprisingly light. I found that when I was using it, it felt comfortable. Not bulky and overwhelming at all. At times I forgot I was holding this larger controller, it just felt natural with the game!

The game that surprised me, as far as my liking it–was ZombiU (by Ubisoft). I find zombies to be amusing, but most zombie video games are just a tad over the top in the gore department for me. This one’s not necessarily pretty, but it’s not too bad. I’ve got to admit I only tried the multiplayer mode. But it was fun. Humans vs. Zombies. I was trying for the humans (keyword: TRYING). It’s a first person shooter game, which I happen to secretly love… I’m just not that great at them. It uses the Pro Controller (which sort of resembles the old classic controllers). For me, it brought back all my memories of failing at Halo on the xbox. The walking is the same… use one circle pad to control where you look, and another one to walk… aka Erini looks at the sky and the floor a lot and walks in circles. The Game Pad is used to control the swarms of zombies. I gave it a good try, but after getting my face eaten off five times in a row, I passed the control on for someone else to try.

Anyway. The event was super fun. There’s still a lot of titles I didn’t get to try… and really, I’m just super excited about this system. You’ve really got to get your hands on it before you can pass any judgments. And try various games since they are all pretty different.

The event was great, just for getting to hang out with other ambassadors too! Rebekah was flown in, as was Lacey… and I finally got to meet Terence! It was good to see familiar faces from the Seattle trip too, like Melissa, Mikey and Sam. And of course my Chicago girls: Jenn, Rachel, and Jamie.

I was sad to leave early–during our amazing dinner, just before dessert. (But I was informed, my new friends Tessa and Kayla took care of that for me.) But I had a Steinomite show to go to, and though that day was busy, it was so much fun.

Now I’ve just got to wait until this holiday season when the WiiU will finally come out!

*Oh, in some more #NintendoEnthused news, I made the finals of the Mario Tennis Open 3DS tournament!