late night posting

Okay, so it’s really not “late night”… but it almost is for me. I FEEL SO OLD.*

Anyway. Here’s what’s up. Besides me.

→ Well, I lost in the finals. First I thought I won. Then there was confusion. More matches. Not so happy feelings. A rematch. Wifi that didn’t like my 3DS. And then I lost. I was just completely off for that rematch–no mater what I tried, my little Mii wasn’t going to move…

However, losing didn’t stop me from emailing this photo to Anthony of Smosh (my competitor from semi finals, whom I TROUNCED)…

(Anthony’s been a good sport about my minor taunting and rushed photoshopping. … just glad he doesn’t follow me on facebook and didn’t see the “big site doesn’t mean big game, BRING IT” post… … gonna safely assume he doesn’t read my blog either.)

Anyway. GOOD JOB TERRY. He gets a second chance at TJ.

→ I’m getting a house guest! A very pretty one too. Katherine is moving to Chicago, and now that she’s publicly announced it, I can publicly go WOOHOO! I’m excited that she’s moving here.

→ Mucca Pazza cd release show is happening August 18. Very excited. Gotta wash my cheer skirt and tube socks.

→ I reactivated my online dating profile–or rather, logged into it for the first time since… maybe December… I don’t have high hopes. I’m just bored. Really. Bored.

→ I officially have the word “Director” in my job title. My responsibilities aren’t really changing, but it’s nice to have the appropriate title to match what I’ve been doing for a while…

Anyway. It’s been a week. Next week is shaping up to be fun. And hopefully I’ll get my act together and start writing more… because, yeah, school is starting back up soon. How’s your week?

*My office assistant was talking today about how he couldn’t celebrate his friend’s birthday because he wasn’t 21 year… I WORK WITH A PUPPY. (He’s a good kid, emphasis on KID.) This adult thing is weird.