in the family: junk food habits

I think everyone has their guilty pleasure, junk food habits. I’ve got to say, though, I don’t consider mine a guilty pleasure–there’s no guilt there. It’s in our family.

Ladies and gentlemen of the internets, I am in love with chips and dip. Specifically ruffle chips with french onion dip. We sort of joke about the fact that you can’t really be an S, unless you eat chips and dip, and you eat that stuff with conviction. Or in my dad’s case, a spoon.*

It’s become this weird comfort food for me. And it really wasn’t something that I actually sought out on my own until recently. Normally it’s just one of those staples at grandma’s house and that was that. But for the past two or so years, I get these little cravings and nothing will satisfy me until I get some chips and dip. Lately it’s all I could think about for two months and so I caved in my last grocery trip.

I finished an entire bag of chips and a container of dip in two days. Actually, as is normally the case with me and my family, we finish the dip before the chips. It doesn’t just taste good, but it gives me that little sense of home that I sometimes miss. And I’ve found myself more and more stocking my kitchen like my grandparents’. I mean, who else taught me to have a chocolate drawer in my fridge?

But even though this food brings me happiness, I’m going to be careful… because no one wants to admit they devoured half a tub of french onion dip in one sitting… Well, unless you’re in an eating contest with my dad.

So what sort of junk food turned comfort food does your family love? What are those foods that may not be good for you, but just scream “this is home, this is family” every time you eat them?

*No joke. How else are you supposed to deal with the tiny crumbs and that last bit of dip?