Erini tells all… the answers

Recently I decided to try something different, and basically put it to the internet to ask me anything. I don’t always know who’s out there reading, so I wanted to see if any of you had things you wanted to know about me.

All right. Time to answer the questions.

From Natasha:
When did you know that you wanted to write? What is your ultimate goal with your writing?

It wasn’t really a conscious thing. I’ve been journaling for a long time, and eventually I started writing stories. I think my ultimate goal with it… to publish and share it. I’d like to do this writing thing professionally.

From Catlady12:
when did you lose your virginity?

Sophomore year of college.

From Jack:
How many people do you think die a virgin? Do you think that your virginity is still a gift to be given to your spouse or the one you love? I fucking hate that statement. It’s infers I could give it to anyone I want as easy as giving a bum a nickel. I couldn’t pay someone to take my virginity! I feel like everyone else is able to enjoy the God-given human act of sex but me. What is wrong with casual sex? How bad would I be if I paid for sex before I turn 40? And that fucking Lolo Jones story… like she’s some kind of saint for withholding from sex; that it takes such courage. Again, inferring that whoever is a virgin has such incredible self control since engaging in intercourse is as easy as stubbing your toe. IT’S NOT!!!!!! Is there a website for virgins?

OKAY. Um. I’m just going to go on a limb and say maybe you’ve got some other things you need to work out within yourself… because there’s a lot bigger things than losing your virginity. Virginity is not a bad thing.

From Anonymous:
Explain your first name? Is it an online name, or real life and its meaning.

“Erini” is the Finnish form of Erin… my birth name. However, I’ve been using Erini as my name for nearly/over 10 years now, which in the states means that it can be considered my legal name now through common law. My maternal grandpa is Finnish, and has always called me Erini. Since I never felt like an Erin, it only made sense to go with Erini. I only allow my family to still call me Erin, and most of them have respected my wishes to be called Erini. (Oh, and just like Erin, it means Peace.)

From Michelle:
do you like jelly beans?  Yes. I have 2 bags at home, the starburst kind.
are you watching the olympics?  Nope. no cable = no olympics. I think they’re entertaining, but I don’t get overly patriotic with them… I’ll cheer on any and every country–especially the ones with hot guys. (yes, I am that shallow with sports.)
are you ready for football season?  YES. Other than Shark Week, it’s one of the few times I wish I had cable.
what’s it like being a director? (ps super cool on the title upgrade)  It’s not too much different. Basically it was just getting the right title for what I was already doing.
do you have a favorite book?  I really like Cats Cradle by Vonnegut. And I’m a big Bukowski fan… but maybe Blankets by Craig Thompson, or Perks of Being a Wallflower (holy crap this book makes me feel old now that it’s a movie. I read it back in 1999-2000), or Life of Pi… Oh Coast of Chicago by Dybek.
who do you think is the best cat woman?  Eartha Kitt.
is this enough random questions? <3  never enough.

From esc:
what gives your life meaning?  A lot of times, it’s my friends and family. I also love the high that you get from really finding yourself through creative endeavors.
do you plan on giving back to your community? if so, how do you envision that happening?  I’d like to think that I’m giving back with my writing, but that’s probably just me being hopeful. Honestly… I would really love to adopt and maybe foster a child or two.
what spiritual practices do you have in your life now? what would you like to do differently in that area?   I grew up Quaker, and it’s shaped a lot of who I am now. I guess you could say I don’t really practice much now… I don’t go to Meeting (aka church), nor do I spend much time sitting in silence focusing on God… My personal understanding of religion and my own spirituality have evolved quite a bit over the years. My faith is important to me, but there are a lot of aspects about “mainstream” christianity that don’t sit right with me, so I tend to keep my faith to myself.

And that’s a wrap on the questions! Of course if you have more questions, feel free to ask at any time.

next post is my 600th…