next steps

So, I’ve still got this whole “small steps/big leaps” thing on my mind. Which of course, to the planner/dreamer in me it means I’ve started making lists.

I love lists. It might be one of the reasons I have so many notebooks. Anyway.

I feel like I’m doing the basic “life crisis 101” listing–but no, my life is not in crisis. But it’s the general “what are your goals” and “what makes you happy” sort of stuff. Useful, but also sort of a buffer and way to bide my time until I get things figured out more. Here’s what I’ve got so far:

What brings me joy:
→ writing
→ Mucca
→ crafting/creating/sketching/making
→ family & the kitties, obvs.

Careers/Jobs I’m curious about:
→ teaching (higher ed/college)
→ publishing (digital/e-book/interactive; layout design)
→ blogger-brand relations (influencer & loyalty programs)
→ writer (duh)
→ venue owner/manager

There’s a lot more on my mind, but those are the ones I’ve sort of given a bit more thought. I find it interesting that web dev and design really didn’t make the list. I love both, but don’t want either for a full-on career. I want them to be a skill I can use for my own projects and stuff, and if they tie in on a project here and there for work, awesome.

Obviously one of the biggest next steps for me to do is write more. And then after that write even more. But it’s the other ones that really have me curious and I’m just sort of wondering how I can or should go about exploring those options. I guess that’s all part of the adventure though.