failing; and oh, this happened too.

So, remember how yesterday I went on and on about choosing happiness?

Yeah. Failed at that today. So much so, that when my coworker strolled in today, one of the first things he said to me was “you need a hug”.

Things are just adding up. And I’m just getting overwhelmed. So I’m stumped as to what to do other than just give up.

I went home early because, well, I’d reached a breaking point at work. AND THEN AFTER THAT, I ended up burning my finger heating up my lunch. Steam? Totally can give you a bad burn. My finger tip blistered up and was just crazy painful. (I’ve had a really bad, skin-melting-off-go-to-the-doctor-burn before, so I know what to do…) But part of this plan included going home. Once there, I went for a little stroll on the beach, where I recorded this:

I kind of wish we had a tour scheduled… because I could really use an escape, surrounded by people I love.