all it takes is enough bad days…

Ok, so I’ve rambled on for a while now about small steps and big leaps… And I mentioned a few different next steps

Well, thanks to some ass-kicking motivation and a few unfortunate situations, I’m ready for some big (ish) leaps.

I’m not ready to share details yet, but I’m definitely excited and looking forward to see where this takes me. It’s time for me to put some of these things into focus and to  see about making some side hustle.

Two of these things will be launching in October. So those are the main two I’m going to focus on for now.

As mentioned in the last post, and really, in the video, there’s been a lot of small stresses piling up in my life. Well, it doesn’t take long for a small pile to turn into a mountain, or for an avalanche to come toppling down on you. But without all that stuff happening, I wouldn’t have decided it was time for the big (ish) leaps.