hey writers, let’s brunch.

Last week I mentioned big (ish) leaps. However, for this first one, I need your help.

I’m starting a new community for writers. It’s called Writer’s Brunch. It’s a place for any and all writers to get together and talk about not only the process of writing, but also about our lives as writers. I don’t want it to focus only on craft, though there’ll be a little of that too. I want it to be a community, where writers can connect with other writers.

We’re kicking off the beta version (or, our bacon version), as a group blog. And I’m looking for more people to join us as contributors. It’s fairly simple, one or two posts a month that relate to writing or your life as a writer.

From the beta site, which will have posts starting next week, we’ll be working on building the community aspect for the site. Writers will be able to register for the site, participate in forums, and join groups. We’ll have videos, prompts, and ebooks. We’ll encourage and support offline groups–which, can choose whether or not they meet over brunch. (I know my group will definitely be over brunch, though.)

If you’re interested in being a contributor for Writer’s Brunch, email me: erini@writersbrunch.com. You can also follow us on twitter and facebook
If you do not want to be a regular contributor, we’ll also be taking posts from guest bloggers.