putting myself out there

A few months ago I logged back into my online dating profile. I can’t say I had high hopes for it, having  been on the site for a few years now. But being ready to start dating again, I decided to give it a go and see who was out there.

Well, as was sort of expected, nothing’s really come from the dating site this time around. And given that I’m not really a “go to the bar and try to meet someone” type of person, it’s sort of left to one of those what now moments…

Apparently the “what now” is including something that’s not really unconventional, just something I haven’t really done much. I’m going to let my friends set me up. Or, at least, I’m hoping they’ll do that. For part of this I’m using a Facebook app a friend recommended. I’m a bit skeptical that it’ll work. And then I just sort of also put it out there to my friends that hey, I’m single, and wouldn’t mind getting set up with any amazing friends they might think would be a good fit.

My singleness through my mid, now late 20s has sort of confused me. I’m pretty awesome. And last time I checked, I made a pretty good girlfriend. I’m not waiting for my life to be perfect. In fact, I don’t really want perfect (in dating or otherwise). There will always be something I’m dealing with in my life, and I will (hopefully) always be changing and growing. I just want to get to know someone and see what happens, hopefully it works out between us and we have fun along the way.

So. Universe. Men of the Interwebs/Chicago. HI. I’m here. I’m looking. I’m pretty great. This is me putting myself out there. Now you do your part.

*Also, as if we needed reminding… dating is weird.

And a side note: got knocked on my ass last week with what was thankfully not meningitis. Fever, as of Monday, is gone and I’m slowly feeling better.