like a boss (and other random things)

  • I now have more colored jeans (that fit/aren’t torn) than regular denim jeans. And by more, I mean I have two: purple and mint green.
  • It’s been an ongoing, long-ish process, but we’re finalizing details of my promotion. Including the part that’s going to make it easier for me to pay my bills AND have a social life. Also, the word “Director” in my title actually means something now.*
  • Food cravings are not weird things for me, but lately it’s been salt & pepper pork ribs from Lao Sichuan. And cookies. All the cookies.
  • My hair seems to be getting lighter, more brown-blond, as I get older. It’s the complete opposite of my brother, who started light and is now very dark.
  • I test drove a few different dating sites… all I have to say right now, Seriously guys?
  • I’m going to a Pug Party with my pug obsessed friend. Very excited.
  • And mainly… It may be fall, but that doesn’t mean I still can’t enjoy living near the beach… (but FYI, I love fall!)

*At least more so than it did last week.