no sleep til… ever. apparently.

For the past month or so, I haven’t been sleeping well. Just because I’m an old lady and get to bed around 10pm or so (some/most times 9:30pm), doesn’t mean I get this full night’s sleep.

In fact, I wake up at least two or three times each night, generally between 2am-5am. And now, thanks to technology, I have a lovely little app that shows me just that.

So, Sleep Time is an app by Azumio, and basically it records your sleeping patterns. You lay the phone on your bed and through your movements is able to tell whether you’re in the REM sleep, just light sleep, or awake. I don’t quite get it’s algorithm .. mainly because for my 39% REM sleep it said I was still 85% efficient with my sleep. But part of that is because the app didn’t catch that from 6am on, I was awake but just trying not to be.

This not telling when I’m actually awake is sort of common in my experience. Because most of those green “light sleep” times, also include me waking up but just not making much movement in bed.

Do I need an app to tell me something that I already know? Not really. Was I secretly hoping that this would some how help me sleep better through the night? Yeah, kind of. It’s got soundscapes–those new-agey feeling nature noises–and I tried one last night. Ended up starting it back up two more times throughout the night hoping it would reduce the falling back asleep time…

I’ve normally not had any problems with sleeping. And now apparently the only time that’s true is when I’m on my couch on the weekends. I have no clue how to improve my sleeping habits. I go to bed tired and ready for bed. I just wake up through the night due to numerous things: noises in the alley (which is RIGHT outside my windows), the cats, pipes in the building sounding like someone trying to break into the building (but it’s either that or no heat), the cats, or just my body/mind being cruel and deciding we should be up…

How do normal people sleep through the night? Because nothing’s really changed in my life over the past month other than the stupid sinus infection that landed me in the ER. And the whole “no caffeine” thing only makes it harder. I already know I’m going to nap all weekend.

Do you have any sleep tricks/aides? Should I just stay up super late so I basically pass out as soon as I get to bed? Anyone know a natural sedative for cats?

I just want to sleep and feel rested.

*Can’t lock the cats out of the room. They would end up keeping me up all night trying to break down the door. Furry little jerks.