All These Things (October Edition)

– Last weekend I spent the day with my friend Sharon. It was awesome. We went to a Pug Party. An absurd number of pugs and their owners—and the three of us who were there just to see a room full of pugs. So. Many. Pugs. And pugs in costume! One of the owners tried to apologize for their dog affectionately jumping all over us as we sat on the floor. That’s sort of exactly why we chose to sit on the ground.

Oh, and the weekend gets better. We headed over to Aloft Circus Arts to check out El Circo Cheapo‘s new show. Hoping this week to dedicate a whole post to it… but the short of it, if you’re in Chicago, you need to check them out.

A super awesome friend of mine and I are communicating using pictures of our cats. It gives me the giggles every time.

– This is the first October since I lost my stepmom that I’ve held it together. It’s been six years now. It’s still hard. But I don’t really feel guilty about our lives moving forward without her. I think she’d be proud of the women & young ladies her daughters are becoming…

– This past Friday I read a facebook status that made me amazingly pouty and grumbly. But a few hours later I got a really awesome email, completely unrelated, which put the biggest smile on my face.

– Friday night I also wore my Tanooki hood most of the night, marathoned RuPaul’s Drag Race (season 4), ate an entire bag of Snickerdoodle cookies, and enjoyed some bourbon & ginger ale. I may have also dyed my hair soft black and painted my nails Mango Bango.

– Writing Class is kicking my ass. There’s just so much reading, and people keep turning in more than one story for workshop… just adding to the amount I have to read (and then also write a written response/critique to)… It’s like half an inch stack of paper each week. Luckily my next story isn’t due until a week from this Friday.

– Two Mucca shows this month! Otto’s on the 27th, and then Double Door on the 31st.

– 20SB is keeping me busy! Lots of exciting things, but first: we’re speaking out this month against bullying. Find out how you can help!

– I know that I’m an adult, but sometimes certain things just hit that feeling home. Like buying a new TV. (Which, major thanks to gRegor & Joey for making this happen!) I know pretty much everyone has big flat screens now, but I really saw no reason to get rid of my perfectly good tube tv—even if it only had mono audio input… But it was finally time for a new TV, and sales and discounts and all that.

– I used to have this great positive confidence—that rock star feeling of “I can do anything/not going to let small shit get me down”, and I don’t really know when I lost it, but it came back… and I’m not letting it go.