The Warby Parker Experience, Part 1: Rini wants all the glasses

I’ve been wearing glasses since fourth grade, or at least, that’s when I got my first pair. I promptly lost them within a year, and it wasn’t until my senior year of high school that I ended up actually wearing glasses.

I’ve had my current pair for a little over two years. Which means according to the optometrist  my prescription has expired. According to my glasses, they’ve survived a lot of abuse. They fit a lot looser than they should, and there’s only so many times you can heat up and adjust plastic frames.

With that and a few other reasons, like wanting to  change things up, it’s time for me to get new glasses.

I knew for a while that I wanted to get Warby Parker glasses. For every pair purchased, WP donates a pair. (+1 for doing good.) They’re only $95, and that includes prescription lenses. (+1 for budget friendly.) Also, they just look good. (+1 for style.) However, I was originally hesitant ordering glasses online. Picking out glasses is a big thing. This is your face. Luckily, WP will send you up to 5 pair at a time to try on at home. (+1 for convenience.) Unfortunately  most of the frames I wanted weren’t available for home try on. Curse of being popular, I guess.

But then I learned that WP had a show room here in Chicago. Sold.

I went a month or so ago, and had fun trying on all the different styles. But I was by no means settled on which I wanted. So I went back on Saturday—and if you’ve seen my twitter or facebook, you’ve seen the result. (And all my indecision.)

I tried on well over half of their styles. Ended up taking pictures of 19 different frames. I’ve been tallying votes from friends, family, and peoples of the internet. Eventually narrowed it down to my top seven. And the more and more I thought about it, I think I’ve got my top four…

As soon as I put on the Webb frames, one of the many other people who were also there trying on frames stop and immediately said “those look good.” They’re rounder, but not too circular.

These were ones I liked online a lot. Similar to the Webb, but more angular. I couldn’t find these on my first visit, which prompted my doubt in my original decision.

The Sloan frames are part of their new fall collection, and thus weren’t available the last time I was there. Not looking directly at the camera is making it hard for me to remember exactly how these looked. They’re definitely bigger, and rounder-ish. Just not sure if they’re too big for my face…

These were the frames I liked the most on my first visit. And from the votes, others seem to like theses too. They’re the most rectangular/squarish of the four, which might be why I’m shying away from them. I’ve always done rectangular frames.

I’m trying to tell myself I won’t be going back… but who am I kidding. I’m going back. And this time only looking at my top 7.

And just for reference, here are my current pair–the ones I’ve been wearing for the last few years…

Thanks for everyone who’s given me their input thus far! And for those who are over all this WP obsession? Well, it’s not over yet. Thanks for sticking with me.