days like this

It’s been getting a bit rainy here in Chicago. Which means I want nothing more than to curl up at home with the kitties, put on some comfy clothes, and have a hot cider.

But we’ve had some nice days lately, and I’m glad I’ve taken advantage of a few of them.

I can’t say that there’s anything majorly life changing happening right now. I’m just really content and happy. It’s nice. And I’m thankful I’ve had more days like this than not.

Some things I’m looking forward to…

Watching the Bears game with my dad tonight. He’ll still be at home in Indiana, and I’ll be here in Chicago… but thanks to my Dad, I can now watch his cable from the internet.

Rebekah‘s wedding that’s less than two weeks away! And related: a weekend in St. Louis. (I’ve got my dad to thank for getting the hotel for me since I put it off until the last minute.)

Two Mucca shows. Telling myself I will not get fall-down drunk this time at Otto’s this weekend. And super duper stocked for Mucca’s Halloween show and the debute of something amazing.

Getting new glasses. I mean, can ya tell?

Brunch with Courtney at our favorite place.

Love my family. Love my friends. Love my city. Life’s pretty grand.

*Yes, this picture is still of Chicago. I was crossing the North Ave bridge around sunset; just east of Wicker Park. I love my city.