The Warby Parker Experience – Part 2: Home Try-on!

Stating the obvious: I’m in love with Warby Parker, the designer glasses company offering awesome, yet affordable, glasses that also do some good as well.

In Part 1, I went to the Chicago showroom and tried on all the glasses. It was fun, but since I was by myself, I had a hard time feeling settled on a frame. So I decided to go online and request a home try-on. I get to pick out five frames, and they send them to me, for free, for five days.

Since I knew I wanted to order pretty soon, I went with some of my top frames*:

I was surprised at how quickly they arrived! I put in my “order” on Sunday night, and they showed up at work on Wednesday. Which meant productivity for the next hour or so went out the window!

Get excited, indeed Warby Parker!

#1 Sims in striped sassifras – As I previously mentioned, these were the frames that I wanted to see on my very first trip to the show room, but since I didn’t bring a list with me completely forgot about. They’re still boxy, but fit my face nicely.

#2 Linwood in striped chestnut – I like these, when my face is angled. Otherwise they sort of feel like lab safety glasses. Just a little too big. I could definitely pull them off, it’d just take some time to get used to them. I think I’m just too used to my current frames.

#3 Zagg in striped chestnut – These were the top pick from my first visit. I liked them, but just wasn’t sure. They’re another pair that depending on the angle I was looking at, my opinion changed.

#4 Webb in whiskey tortoise matte – Well, for one, you gotta love the color name. These were the ones a random lady in my second visit really liked on me. I never gone for rounder glasses, and these were in that nice “not too round, not too boxy” category.

#5 Miles in amber – These are interesting frames. I like how they look in the picture. However, They’re a lot thicker than they appear. While they’re not bad, they weren’t great either.

I’ve had a lot of fun counting votes based on the pictures. However, being able to try the frames out at work and also home was a huge help! The Sims, Zagg, and Webb were probably my top picks from this set. They all looked pretty good, but one just suited me better than the others.

After only a half hour with my home try-on set, I already knew which ones I’d be ordering. I placed my order late Wednesday night, and according to UPS my glasses are in Ohio (where they’ve been since Saturday morning!)…

It was a super easy process, and has been a fantastic experience. Also, thanks to my showroom visits, I got $5 off my order. Glasses and prescription lenses for only $90. Free two-day air shipping. Mom’s convinced I need to order prescription sunglasses from them. But for now, it’s compulsively checking the UPS tracking page until they get here.

*The Sloan and Marshall frames haven’t been available for home try-on. Or, at least, since they’re in the new fall collection, all the pairs have been requested, so I’m stuck still waiting to get a chance to try those on again!