I voted for…

A President I can believe in.

A President who believes in equal rights, regardless or race, gender, or sexual orientation.

A President who believes in equal pay for equal work.

A President who not only respects women, but is trying to build a better future for them. A President who sets a great example for all men–husbands and fathers.

A President who is making great changes in healthcare. Where others in my situation won’t have to wait for treatment because of “pre-existing conditions”… Where just being a woman won’t be a pre-existing condition.

A President who didn’t start new wars, and is working towards peace.

A President who could bring a brighter future for myself, for my sisters, and for my niece.

A President who didn’t blatantly lie about Jeep moving jobs to China just to win Ohio.*

A President who has shown stronger faith without forcefully pushing his religion on others.

A President who took a country in a bad situation and started building a country we could believe in again. A future that doesn’t absolutely terrify me–a future that moves forward.

I participated in early voting today, and I think I’m going to do that every time. So easy. Though I didn’t get an “I voted!” sticker…

We cannot sit idly by this election. There is no “my vote doesn’t matter.” Every vote matters. We cannot risk four years of a prejudice president, of a man who says anything to anyone to get what he wants, a man who thinks less of women, and even less of a person if the don’t love the “right” person. A man who would take unnecessary forceful action, spend money needlessly to do so.  A man who doesn’t care about the every day lives of people, who thinks help should be limited and privilege  not something that should be offered to all those who are in true need.

We need a President we can believe in, one who can make us proud of our country.

It’s not just my future, but yours too. So vote.

*Seriously. Even Chrysler/Jeep sent out a statement saying he was wrong, they’re not moving jobs from Ohio to China, an that they’re looking to expand in Ohio.