It’s the time of year for spreading joy and cheer…

In case you didn’t know, Chicago has four whole seasons. And I happen to love them all. I am especially happy and ready for winter, and snow, and Christmas.

We had a minuscule dusting not too long ago, and there’s a slight chance for snow today, but nothing in the way of real Chicago snow as of yet. I’m ready to give my snow boots a workout. To see a half-frozen Lake Michigan. To have it feel like the holiday season!

Well, if I can’t have snow just yet, I’ll at least start on my apartment. The past few years I’ve had fun with my decorations, sporting my little pink tree with all it’s fake bling. But for the longest time I’ve wanted a full-sized white Christmas tree. Pre-lit of course. Now, those suckers aren’t cheap, hence why I never got one. Until this year.


Not so bad for a $40 tree I bought online! I love it! 6.5-feet, pre-lit, and all mine! But since this is my first time owning a full-sized tree of my very own… I didn’t have any ornaments. All I had were things appropriate for a 2-foot tree. So after a lot of looking, and realizing I am probably spending more on ornaments than my own tree… I settled for some more sparkle and bling. What can I say…

I ended up finding some beaded garland that I loved in silver and mint… and got some crystal springs to put on the tree (also in silver, mint, and clear)… And then they had the fake diamond drops I loved on my pink tree in mint and blue! So I did that. And then since I couldn’t just do silver glittery 2D ornaments, I picked up a set with blue… My original plan was to use gold… But I love how it turned out and I’m sure it will change some next year.

Tuija and Kaija definitely have fallen in love with the tree. I’ve even found a few of their toys hiding beneath the tree.

Now, since the tree was sort of a big deal, I haven’t gotten around to getting other (matching) decorations for the apartment. I still have all my pink stuff–mainly the pink wreath… and I do have more silver & blue sparkly snowflakes I can use… But I’m just going to keep it minimal and just the tree for this year. I can, and will, add on more next year.

However, I’ve got more to share to keep you in the holiday spirit! My friends in Lowdown Brass Band have put together an amazing music video for one of my favorite tracks on their holiday album they put out last year… Chicago’s Where I Want To Be:

I have a love-hate relationship with Christmas music. In fact, until last year the only holiday cd I owned was Jingle Cats. But I am absolutely in love with LDB’s holiday album. The guys did an amazing job on it.

How are you getting in the holiday spirit? What are you most excited for?