a general life update

So much going on. And here I thought December would be my month to catch my breath!

  • The theme of the week is video games! We had Assassin’s Creed 3 yesterday, and another game review (geared towards kids & young at heart) tomorrow!
  • I also won my very own copy of Epic Mickey 2 (with Oswald’s ears!) from Babble.com for the Wii U!
  • I had a great night this past Friday with Paige over at Baume & Brix. Great drinks, interesting food, and hey, Jim Belushi was even there! (No joke!)
  • For some reason this week, I’ve been failing at cooking. Three meals in the trash in two days. All I want for Christmas is a real kitchen. Not this 5-foot kitchenette thing I’ve got.
  • I’m interviewing a few people today for an opening at work. It’s not my first time to interview people, but it’s still very nerve-racking on this side of it as it was to be on the other.
  • I finished my holiday cards last week, but haven’t had a chance to get them printed (I’ve got a couple different designs)… so I think I’ll be printing them myself and sending them out next week. (Hopefully!)
  • For the past for days, at least, my endo has been acting up. Just a lot of bloating and pain and nausea and uncomfortableness (sexy, right?). I’ll be talking with my doctor soon about finding a new specialist and hopefully getting this all sorted out once my insurance covers it in January.
  • Also, one last set of blood work to do before I can, hopefully, start my new treatment. I want to say it’s not serious, but well, it’s treatable and that’s the good thing. It’s related to the paresthesia.
  • I’ve been growing my hair out since June (unintentionally at first). I haven’t had hair past my shoulders in about 7 years, so I want to see if I can make it that long without going crazy. I will probably go get it slightly trimmed or styled or something because I’m getting annoyed with the part and my giant Scandinavian forehead.
  • Every time I unplug the Christmas tree, Tuija (my black cat) thinks I’ve killed it.

Oh, and in case you didn’t know, I’m using the Adorkable Me facebook page for game updates, random happenings around Chicago, and just smaller life stuff that doesn’t necessarily need its own post. (Sort of like all those bullet points up there.)